About DearMamma

DearMamma is a worldwide breast cancer awareness campaign for the poorest and illiterate women.

We developed an app and film for the poorest and illiterate women in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Israel-Palestine. Due to lack of purchasing power they have been neglected by any health system and the pharma industry.

Very often they have 10 children and more and when they finally realize that there is something wrong with their breast the disease has often already progressed. Then they sometimes approach our partners with one US-Dollar for the treatment which they borrowed from their whole family.

Too many women we talk to still believe that breast cancer is something like a flu which will pass, others believe it is contagious. Since there is no preventing medicine for breast cancer, we need to do everything possible that every woman has basic medical knowledge what breast cancer is and understands the powerful and cheap resource which is called self-examination.

Our app will provide all information fully spoken and in films which will enable women who cannot read to execute self-examination on a regular basis and possibly prevent the death of thousands of poor and illiterate women and mothers, who are often the sole providers for their children.

Sonja Dinner’s Motivation

Sonja Dinner, President of the DEAR Foundation.

Sonja Dinner, President of the DEAR Foundation.

«In 2006, I lost a dear friend to breast cancer. Grief-stricken, I had a vision of how we could improve the lives of millions of women around the world by eliminating shame and sharing medical information about breast cancer and mastectomies.

To deal with this huge personal loss, I made a promise to my friend that in the future millions of women would discover their breast cancer earlier and increase their chances of survival.

Today we finally have the technology to distribute medical knowledge to the most remote areas worldwide and also to illiterate women.

We all can change things. Please join us in our efforts to save millions of lives around the world.»

The DEAR Foundation

The DEAR Foundation (TDF) is a large private donor foundation based in Switzerland. Under the guidance of its president, Sonja Dinner, it supports worldwide sustainable development projects. TDF assists people in need, especially women and children. In the last ten years, the Foundation has realised well over 500 projects with local partners and NGOs in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia and Israel/Palestine.

The DEAR Foundation is run along business lines, maintains neutrality in political and religious matters, and is financially independent. TDF is delighted to receive donations and bequests in order to further strengthen its impact in the world’s poorest countries. Around 200 project workers on site and ten staff members at TDF locations in Zurich, Jerusalem and Monrovia draw up, guide, coordinate and monitor the projects. We guarantee that 100% of all donations flow directly into the projects.