The DearMamma APP

Download the DearMamma app on your smartphone and learn how to detect breast cancer.

The DearMamma app is a tool for women’s health with medical information and easy-to-use features such as a mirror, recordable photos and a personalised history – all spoken in six languages, English, French, German, Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish.

The FREE DearMamma app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and from the Apple store.

How the app works

Listen instead of reading

Press the button and the text will be spoken

Why care

What do you know about cancer in general? And about breast cancer? Here you will find some interesting facts, messages from Sonja Dinner and religious leaders and stories about women with breast cancer

Self check

Here you can do a self check with the help of a film or by swiping step by step through the visuals. Also you will find a mirror with a camera and the possibility to record your results


Our body changes over time. That is normal. 9 out of 10 changes are benign and not a sign of cancer. Still, it is good to be attentive and to take care of problems. Here you will find information about: > how changes can look like > what to do > where to go > medical information

I care

Here you can personalize your settings and find your private notes

Reward program

How can you earn awards in our rewards program? By checking your breasts regularly every month and sharing the app with your friends. When you reach the gold level you can participate in a raffle.