DearMammaHeroes are women and men who are involved in the prevention of breast cancer in one way or another: By telling their own story, through their profession, their personal commitment or by supporting another person in fighting or preventing the disease. We think they are heroes that deserve to be celebrated.

Breast cancer survivor ORIT

She lives in Israel, has three kids and was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. In this clip, she is sharing her experience.

THANK YOU for sharing your story, Orit.

Prof. Doron Kopelman, Israel

Oncologist Prof. Doron Kopelman works as head of surgery at the Emek Medical Centre in Afula (Israel) and is confronted with breast cancer on a daily basis. According to Kopelman, it is critical that women take on responsibility for their health by regularly and systematically checking themselves for early signs of breast cancer.

Baronin Gabriele von der Borch (german)

Baronin Gabriele von der Borch hatte vor 30 Jahren selbst Brustkrebs, wurde rechtzeitig operiert und ist heute geheilt. Die tragische Realität: Bei ihrer eigenen Tochter Margarete von der Borch wurde der Brustkrebs zu spät erkannt. Sie verstarb im Frühjahr 2019 im Alter von nur 53 Jahren.

Herzlichen Dank, verehrte Frau Baronin, dass Sie ihre Geschichte so mutig erzählen.

Rasmata Sana, Burkina Faso

She is a nurse in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) teaching women how to examine themselves for signs of breast cancer.

Thank you very much for your important work Rasmata!

NIVEEN (from Jerusalem, Israel-Palestine)

Entrepreneur and breast cancer survivor NIVEEN is a mother of five who set up a (now thriving) catering-business to get her mind off her illness.

Her advice to other women with breast cancer?

Dr. Orna Blondheim, Israel

She is the former CEO of the EMEK Medical Center in Afula in Northern Israel. In an area with a very diverse ethnic and religious composition, the hospital tries to improve understanding between cultures and religions and acts as a peace mediator. It also has a strong team of oncologists with extensive experience in breast cancer detection and treatment.

Breast cancer survivor HANA

She lives in Israel, has a child and was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. In this clip, she's talking about her experience.

THANK YOU for sharing your story, Hana.