World Health Day 2021

It’s World Health Day, and this year’s theme is building a fairer, healthier world.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 – Sadly for billions of people, access to healthcare is largely determined by where we are born.

Did you know that only 5% of global cancer resources are spent in less-developed countries?

At DearMamma, we’re working hard to build equitable access into everything we do. We want to make sure vital information about breast cancer prevention reaches everyone, regardless of where they’re born.

That’s why we’re supporting localised breast cancer awareness programs in Burkina Faso and Liberia, as well as in the Middle East amongst Palestinian and Orthodox Jewish populations.

Access to oncology services can be extremely limited in these locations, so we’re also funding women’s clinics, breast cancer clinics and general oncology units in Kafr al-Labad (Palestine), Ha-Emeq (Northern Israel), Adama (Ethiopia) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

And we’ve been beta-testing our DearMamma app among difficult-to-reach populations to find out what works for them. We’ve considered everything from optimal operating systems and local difficulties accessing internet, through to illiteracy, language barriers and cultural taboos. We’ll be launching our new-look version soon, so stay posted!