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Check your breasts

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Early detection saves lives

The earlier breast cancer is treated, the greater the chance of long-term survival. Regular self-checks can help you detect problems earlier and get treatment faster.

Self-check your breasts regularly

Self-check your breasts regularly

Take responsibility for your personal health and check your breasts regularly. It's free, easy, and could save your life.

Our app will guide you

Our app will guide you

To make self-checks easy, we developed the free DearMamma app. It guides you through the process and allows you to set up regular reminders.

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Edith Hunkeler

I myself am responsible for my body and I need to take care of it. If I keep checking my own breasts, I will know them and be able to tell when there are changes. And I believe that this is very important.

Edith Hunkeler

Former Paralympic Athlete and Olympic Medal Winner

About DearMamma

DearMamma is a global breast cancer awareness campaign. We want to make sure that no woman is left behind in the fight against this disease.

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Dr. David Nabarro about DearMamma

I believe that this innovation has extraordinary potential for women everywhere.

Dr. David Nabarro

WHO and UN-Advisor


Schweizer Frauenlauf 2023 in Bern - A great success for breast cancer awareness

June 26, 2023

Deborah Lattarulo

Schweizer Frauenlauf 2023 in Bern - A great success for breast cancer awareness

What a day! You are amazing!

June 20, 2022

The Women's Run 2022 is history. What a day and what a terrific experience!

Together we achieve more!

June 5, 2022

Why are DearMamma and Markus Ryffel’s joining forces? Because health is important, and early detection of breast cancer can make a big difference. Taking a few minutes to regularly self-check could save your life.

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