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Locally organised awareness programmes

Locally organised awareness programmes

The project in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso is showing its first major successes. Since the project was launched in October 2018, several thousand women have participated in regular workshops to learn more about breast cancer and the prevention method of self-exams. With targeted training, women are informed about how they can drastically increase their chances of survival with breast cancer through early and regular self-exams. The time factor is crucial. The AMPO Clinic is a leader in Burkina Faso, which, under the leadership of oncologist Prof. Nayi Zongo, also works with other cancer prevention organisations in the country to educate women about breast cancer. The DearMamma app is very popular in the West African country as a support tool.

Situation in Place

The context of the project in Burkina Faso can be best described in the words of Prof. Nayi Zongo: "Women often find themselves in a precarious situation here in Burkina Faso. Due to poverty, they often have no access to health care. In general, there are many poor people in Burkina Faso without reading skills who do not yet know anything about breast cancer. That is why the prevention of breast cancer is also very difficult. Breast cancer is often diagnosed too late, leading to high mortality. It is important that women learn to recognise the warning signs of breast cancer in good time. They must learn to examine their breasts themselves and overcome their shame to talk to each other about their problems. The application and films of the DearMamma campaign are a great help in this context. I teach women how to use this material in health schools, during my consultations, in churches, in the neighborhood and in university lecture halls at the end of my lessons. I also regularly recommend the app to my personal circle of friends. It is particularly well received."

Project Testimonial

The content is very easy to understand through photos and videos. So women can easily learn to examine their breasts practically.

Prof. Nayi Zongo

is a cancer surgeon and senologist at Yalgado Quédraogo University Hospital as well as professor and cancer researcher at Joseph Ki-ZERBO University in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Other Projects

On-site health professionals work for local projects to educate women about breast cancer and show them options for identifying potential problems early on (among others with the help of the DearMamma app).


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Meeting the people where they are.


Raising awareness among medical staff.


Awareness through pink tram.

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