Awareness raising among medical staff

In collaboration with the Mathiwos Wondu Ye-Ethiopia Cancer Society, hundreds of health extension workers in the Oromia region of Ethiopia (35 million people) were trained in the use of the DearMamma app. The health extension workers then reached out to thousands of, mostly illiterate women to inform them about breast cancer and to train them in how to self-examine, overcome fear, and seek medical help. The DearMamma initiative connected with Dr. Biniyam Tefera, Oncologist who, in the past, did an internship at the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital in Switzerland as part of his training. Dr. Tefera works at Adama Hospital, the largest in the region. After visiting Adama and realizing that Dr. Tefera was keeping his records with handwriting, DearMamma resolved to fund an assistant for him and a computer to facilitate data processing of breast cancer and other examinations.

Situation in Place

A recent report, prepared by Dr. Biniyam Tefera indicates that after less than a year after the DearMamma Campaign’s beginning in Ethiopia, the drop-out rate among women who were diagnosed with breast cancer was significantly reduced. This promising trend is ascribed to the improved sensitization of the hospital’s medical personnel regarding breast cancer and to the dedication of a special nurse, employed with TDF-funding to be Dr. Tefera’s assistant, who follows each woman during all stages of assessment and treatment at the hospital.

Project Testimonial

Most breast cancer cases could be cured if detected early enough. And a free and easy way to become aware of possible problems is to do a self-test every month.

Dr. Biniyam Tefera

Clinical oncologist at Adama Hospital Medical College, Ethiopia

Other Projects

On-site health professionals work for local projects to educate women about breast cancer and show them options for identifying potential problems early on (among others with the help of the DearMamma app).

Burkina Faso

Locally organised awareness programmes.


Breast cancer prevention among Charedi women.


Breaking down taboos through education.


Meeting the people where they are.


Awareness through pink tram.

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