Education Despite Cancer Taboo

'The DearMamma app belongs in the daily life of every woman because it creates a whole new way to prevent breast cancer,' emphasises Iman, a 24-year-old from Palestine. She is not alone in her assessment. Since the DearMamma project was launched in Palestine, thousands of women have been treated by nurses from the Beita Women Development Society (BWDS), among others, although cancer is actually considered a taboo in Palestine. These women were educated about the much higher chances of survival when breast cancer is detected early.

Situation in Place

Sonja Dinner, founder of the DearMamma initiative, works with the women in place since more than a decade. She describes the situation as follows: "Some women don't even dare to say the word breast cancer out loud because they are afraid of contracting it." Targeted informational events are designed to alleviate women's fear of the unknown. "They are trained in how to use the DearMamma app to perform the breast exam in their privacy of their own homes. As a result, the women themselves become ambassadors of their community," explains Dinner.

Project Testimonial

DearMamma is considered to be one of the most effective and necessary projects we have implemented in Palestine since the foundation of our organisation. Finally, we have the opportunity to offer our people an efficient and comfortable method for early detection of breast cancer, which they enjoy using. We are very grateful to The DEAR Foundation that we can be part of this project.

Basima Dewikat

is the President of the Beita Women Development Society in Palestine, which works to ensure that women in remote areas also have access to basic health care. This includes breast cancer prevention through the DearMamma-App. With great commitment Basima Dewika is working for the dissemination of the app, which gives women more access to information about breast cancer prevention.

Other Projects

On-site health professionals work for local projects to educate women about breast cancer and show them options for identifying potential problems early on (among others with the help of the DearMamma app).

Burkina Faso

Locally organised awareness programmes.


Meeting the people where they are.


Raising awareness among medical staff.


Breast cancer prevention among Charedi women.


Awareness through pink tram.

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