Who's behind DearMamma?

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland

The DearMamma campaign is supported by The DEAR Foundation Switzerland. As one of the largest private development aid foundations in Switzerland, The DEAR Foundation works with partners worldwide to promote education and health. The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is chaired by Sonja Dinner, who - with the support of important co-sponsors - dedicated herself to setting up The DEAR Foundation Switzerland after selling her successful IT company in 2002. Sevim Araz is the foundation's Executive Director.

Sonja Dinner

Sonja Dinner is the driving force behind the DearMamma campaign. With her background as a leading technology entrepreneur, Sonja turned her attention and energy to philanthropic endeavours in 2004, and has led the work of The DEAR Foundation Switzerland since 2006.

As Sonja immersed herself in the projects of The DEAR Foundation Switzerland, she came to better understand that women in developing countries – especially illiterate women – often have little to no knowledge about breast cancer. Stigma and myth surround the disease in many countries, leading to an added burden for women, often with tragic results.

In order to change this, Sonja initiated the DearMamma campaign.

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