Assessments by medical experts from around the world.

Early detection makes the difference

We know that the success rate depends on early diagnosis.

Dr. Orna Blondheim

Hospital Director

Check your breasts – save your life

Early detection is the secret for cure. If we are late in detection, chances for advanced disease and death increase dramatically.

Prof. Doron Kopelman MD

Oncologist and Head of Surgery at the Emek Medical Center in Afula, Israel

See your doctor if you detect something unusual

If you notice anything unusual, go see your doctor as soon as possible. Early detection saves lives, so please make sure you and your loved ones check regularly!

Prof. Nayi Zongo

Cancer surgeon and senologist at Yalgado Quédraogo University Hospital as well as professor and cancer researcher at Joseph Ki-ZERBO University in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Self-checks are a free and easy way to detect problems early

Most breast cancer cases could be cured if detected early enough, and a free and easy way to become aware of possible problems is to do a self-test every month.

Dr. Biniyam Tefera

Clinical oncologist at Adama Hospital Medical College, Ethiopia

Breast preserving surgery is possible in many cases

We don’t want to go to mastectomy unless it’s necessary. Actually, if women do get detected early, 70% of them can be treated by breast conserving surgery, and afterwards the breast looks almost exactly like it did before.

Prof. Dan Herschko

Oncologist and head of surgery at the Emek Medical Centre in Afula

Breast cancer doesn't discriminate

I see this phenomenon in the waiting room of my department. There are women of means, there are women who are poor. There are women of an Arab background, there are Jewish women. No one wants to be there but they are there. They see within the other a reflection of themselves, and that creates a desire to help the other person. Just like you'd want to help yourself.

Prof. Benjamin W. Corn

Oncologist and professor at the medical faculty of the Tel Aviv University

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