Want to see how it's done?

Want to see how it's done?

Watch our short video demonstrating how to self-check.

Please be aware, this film contains nudity for preventative healthcare purposes.

What to look for

Lumps, knots, thickenings

Lumps, hardened knots or thickenings in the breast tissue can be a sign of breast cancer. They can occur right under the skin, in the middle of the breast or in the deep tissue near the bones.

Changes in size or shape

Unusual changes in size, contour or shape should be checked. The same is true for distortions or swellings. Keep in mind that your left and right breast might look different. Know what is normal for you.

Nipple discharge

The nipple should look normal to you, and should be free from irritation. Check for unusual discharge of fluid or blood.

Skin changes

There should be no strange wrinkling or bulging of the skin. Get checked if there is any persistent redness, soreness or rash, especially if only on one side.

Did you notice anything unusual?

Keep calm - most changes are not dangerous. Check again after your next menstrual cycle. If it's still there, consult your doctor or health professional.

Our app will guide you

Our app will guide you

To make self-checks easy, we developed the free DearMamma app. It guides you through the process and allows you to set up regular reminders.

Download the app now:

Check Your Breasts - Save Your Life

Most breast cancer cases could be cured if detected early enough, and a free and easy way to become aware of possible problems is to do a self-test every month.

Dr. Biniyam Tefera

Clinical oncologist at Adama Hospital Medical College, Ethiopia

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